Kateri's brother-in-law, along with a Huron and an Oneida travelled south to help Kateri escape. When they reached the Mohawk village they started preaching to the people about Christianity. Most of the people didn't stay to listen but Kateri stayed to hear their words. She later told the missionary that she was determined to follow their advice to travel north to Sault St.Louis (Kahnawake) and begged him to prevent her family from stopping her. It was her wish to escape even if it cost her her life. Kateri was not so much afraid of her aunts, but her uncles anger terrified her.

The real purpose of the visitors' mission was then revealed to the missionaries. Kateri's brother-in-law explained their plan to the Jesuits. The Jesuits then met with Kateri and planned to help her escape while her uncle was away trading. The Jesuits told Kateri to place all her faith in God as she left with her brother-in-law and the Huron while the Oneida went a seperate way.

They travelled quickly up the river and through the forest, but Kateri's escape was soon discovered and news was sent to her uncle. Upon hearing the news her uncle set out to find them. The brother-in-law came across her uncle in Schenectady while he was buying food, but he simply passed him by. He rejoined them and they continued their journey northward. Their path to Lake George went through the area of Galway in Saratoga County and down into the valley of a river named Kayaderosseeras. It turned eastwards around the mountain ridge on top of Desolation Lake and headed to Jessup's Landing on the Hudson River. They waded through the river above Palmer's Falls not far away. They took the path up the shore to Luzerne where it broke away northeast. They crossed the valley to reach Lake George and paddled across. Where Lake George opens to Lake Champlain they portaged for a short distance. Soon they were travelling on Lake Champlain. They reached Fort St. Anne on an island in the north part of the lake. Soon afterwards they were heading down the Richelieu River. They abandoned their canoe near St. Jean-sur-Richelieu close to Fort St. Louis. From there they took the path through the woods to Sault St. Louis on the Lachine Rapids. Their journey took about 5 or 6 days. In October 1677, Kateri had finally arrived at the mission. Once Kateri became involved in the mission she quickly made a name for herself as a fervent Christian who gained the respect of all the village.



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