Each issue of Kateri contains: One of several pages on Kateri's life and virtues;

News from Kateri's friends everywhere;

The account of favors due to her intercession;

News concerning the native people of America, with special reference to the people of Kahnawake and their friends.

Your contribution ($5 a year, or more if possible) enrolls you among "Kater's Friends" for whom:

A weekly Mass is offered;

A weekly Mass for deceased friends is offered;

The Vice-Postulator prays at his daily Mass;

The spiritual treasure of the good works of the Society of Jesus is opened;

Extra graces are merited by working for Kateri's canonization.

Spring 2000:

Printed with Approbation of the Ordinary and Permission of Superiors,Canada. Kateri (ISSN 0135-8020) is published quarterly for $5 per year by the Kateri Center,Box 70 Kahnawake,Quebec,J0L 1B0. U.S.:Third class postage paid at Champlain,NY.12919

Would you like to help Kateri's cause?

When making out your last willl and testament, why not reserve a share for the Cause in view of Kateri's Canonization and for the upkeep of her sanctuary.

Simply make your request to:

Kateri Tekakwitha Center

Mission St.Francis Xavier

P.O.Box 70

Kahnawake,Quebec J0L 1B0

Kateri will then take good care of you and your beloved ones on earth as in heaven.


Obtainable from:The Kateri Center


1.Mat silver-plated:50cents


3.Souvenir Spoons:$4.00

Kateri Prayer Cards and Pictures

1.Sepia (brown) , by sculptor E.Brunet (5" x 21/2") : 10 cents

2.Colored, by Mother Nealis (41/2" x 23/4") :15 cents

3.Colored,by Mother Nealis (9" x 131/2") :$1.50

4.Colored,by John Steele (241/2 " x 181/2") : $5.00

Touch Relics

1.Small Kateri pictures with silk applied to relics: 50 cents

Kateri Plaques

1.Plaque,plastic case with prayer (21/2" x 11/2") : $2.50-with relic:$3.00


In the form of a short biography:$2.00

Kateri Seals

A sheet of 36 seals: $1.00


T-Shirt:Small and Big:$8.00

Statues (Postpaid)

1. In hydrocal,ivory or bronze finish (61/2"):$12.00

2.Colored (61/2"):$15.00

3.In hydrocal,ivory or bronze finish (81/2"): $15.00

4.Colored (81/2"): $18.00

5.Kateri key chain: $1.25

6.One inch statuette in plastic case;$1.00

Books (Postpaid)

In English- Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha,by Henri Bechard,S.J.,20pp.,$2.50

In English-Adventures with a Saint,by Marlene McCauley,210pp.,$12.00

In English-Kateri Tekakwitha,With a Prefatory Note of John Cardinal Wright by Francis X. Weiser,S.J .hardcover: $10.00; paperback $8.00

In Spanish-Kateri Tekakwitha,by Fr.F.X. Weiser, translated by Sr.Emilia Schug C.S.A.:$10.00

In French-L'Astre dans la Nuit,Kateri Tekakwitha, by Rachel Jodoin (Fictionalized biography):$15.00

Special: In English and French-Kaitonoron Kateri Tekakwitha by Henri Bechard,S.J.:$15.00

Special: In English-In the Early Dawn,The Story of the Indian People inthe days of the First Missionairies,Editor James S. McGivern,S.J.:$3.00

Subscription to "Kateri"

Five dollars a year.Please renew your subscription yearly.


issn 0315-802

The Kateri Center

Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. (closed during lunch 12 noon to 1pm)

P.O. Box 70 Kahnawake, Quebec J0L-1B0

Tel: (450) 638-1546 Fax: (450)632-6031


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The Kateri Center

The Kateri Center puts out a quarterly bulletin, Kateri, published by the Kateri Center, intends to help you obtain favors both temporal and spiritual through the intercession of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha. It is hoped her Canonization will thereby be hastened. It aims to increase the number of Kateri's friends and to procure from them at least one daily Hail Mary for her Canonization. It also seeks your donations, for without them practically nothing can be done to make Kateri known and to have the important favors attributed to her intercession examined and approved.